Rolex Lady Watches: A Quick Guide

Rolex Lady Watches: A Quick Guide

Rolex watches have a good fan base. The quality and timeless look have made them famous worldwide. After all, who would not want to wear a Rolex watch?

If you are wondering about Rolex lady watches (นาฬิกา Rolex ผู้หญิง, which is the term in Thai), here is a quick guide, we will tell you about some of the most famous lookouts for women. Although Rolex watches do not come under the category of who can wear them, the ones mentioned in this guide have a feminine touch.

Rolex lady collections

The collection is sophisticated and elegant. From Datejust to Oyster Perpetual, so many distinct features will make you fall in love with them!

·       Rolex Lady Datejust & President

After Datejust, a new watch launched as Lady-Datejust, a smaller version of it. A case of 26mm was used back then; now, a 28mm case has replaced it. This collection under Datejust 31 has many watches with different dial and bezel types, materials, and bracelet choices.

·       Rolex Ladies’ Oyster Perpetual

This watch is iconic with the waterproof oyster case and automatic movement with a perpetual rotor. These are two of the essential innovations of the brand. These are made up of smooth steel bezels and oyster bracelets. Now several colors are available to choose from for the dial cover.

·       Rolex Ladies’ Yacht Master

It is a sporty watch with a surreal look. This watch is available in other materials and color combinations with two color options. Earlier the yacht master collection was made only in 18k gold; later, Rolex started making these in various gold and stainless steel.

·       Rolex Pearl Master

These watches are made specifically for women; they look elegant and have a jewelry-like finish. Ranging from a dozen diamonds to wholly stud with diamonds, this collection is one of a kind. Rolex makes these only in platinum or gold.


Apart from these, Rolex Cellini and Vintage cocktail watches were exclusive jewelry pieces, and due to their elegant and luxurious look, they became very famous. Although with time, Rolex stopped making those, they remain timeless.

These go with all outfits, and you can wear them daily owing to their excellent quality. The material is stainless steel, gold, platinum, or a mixture of gold and platinum. With proper care, these will last decades.

Now that you know everything about Rolex lady watches get one that adds elegance to your style. Buying a luxury watch like this is an investment, and these timeless, elegant watches are worth it!