Some Facts about Eyelash Extensions You Should Know About

Some Facts about Eyelash Extensions You Should Know About

The “no makeup, makeup look” is one of the year’s emerging trends. So, say goodbye to fake lashes and hello to more natural eyelash extensions. Why? Simply because it seems more realistic than rigid fake eyelashes. Are you interested in trying out eyelash extensions in Singapore for the first time? Here’s what you should know.

Looks Natural

Individual lashes are attached to the original ones semi-permanently to create eyelash extensions. Unlike artificial eyelashes, which are designed with a more universal aesthetic, eyelash extensions allow you to pick the length and curl type that is ideal for your eyes. Most women prefer this natural look since they may select an extension that complements their style, attitude, and overall appearance.

Lasts For A Longer Time

False eyelashes can stay in the eyes for a day, but eyelash extensions can last much longer if properly maintained. Avoid using greasy items on your eyes and aggressively rubbing water on your eyelashes. Simple methods might help keep your eyelash extensions from coming out sooner than they should.


There are both excellent and awful eyelash extensions. Low-quality eyelash extensions are frequently constructed from harsh and heavy synthetic materials such as different acrylics and/or hefty polymers. Furthermore, they clump together and may harm your natural lashes. Similarly, if you go to an uneducated and unskilled beautician, they may use low-quality glue and apply it rough.


Artificial lashes can negatively impact your eyes and your natural lashes. Here are a few examples:

  • Allergy. Synthetic materials like nylon, silk, or mink fibres can be used to make extensions. A lot of individuals are allergic to mink. That is one of the most prevalent reasons for seeing an eye doctor. You might also react to the adhesive. If you have allergies, inquire about the glue’s components and the fibre composition. Then, put the product to the test on your wrist or forearm. Any response might take up to 24 hours to manifest.
  • Infection. Filthy eyelashes frequently cause this. They, like our hair, get oil-coated. The lashes can also retain pollen, dust, or dead skin cells if not washed regularly. Your eyelid may become red and puffy. In addition, you may get dandruff or a stye, a pimple-like growth on your eyelid. Cleaning your eyelashes twice daily and your face will help avoid issues. Scrub your closed lids and lashes lightly with a gentle soap.
  • Eyelids that droop. Magnets can permanently lower your eyelid over time. The adhesive might potentially go into your eyes. It is unlikely to harm your vision. However, it may hurt and take some time to recover.
  • Inflammation in the eye. It’s uncommon, but wiping your eyes excessively might cause the fibres from your eyelash extensions to become lodged on or behind your eye membrane. Severe instances may need surgery to remove.

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